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Nomadicnegro 27%


Different people have different perspectives on travel, thanks to their different experiences. At you might just get that special insight that can help you truly have the right expectations with regards to traveling that you won’t get anywhere else. Simply looking at the name, is certainly a blog that caters to a certain audience.
talk of tourism 19%


Some parts of traveling can be daunting but with the help of, it doesn’t have to be as hard to overcome. When it comes to anxieties, poor organization, or just plain old inexperience, there is much about traveling to be concerned about. These are addressed at
Ufuoma 13%


Traveling is awesome, but if you don’t have the right information that can help you out, it can also be stressful. Fortunately, is always there to give you the right tips or advice, which makes it an incredibly valuable resource. Be sure to take advantage of it.
unravellingnigeria 8%

If you are ever in the mood to visit Nigeria, you might want to stop by to get the information that you need. The images are always inspiring and the information found at the site is pretty useful as well. If traveling is what you need to do, is as good a resource as any, which is why we’re nominating it.
Jumia Travel (Jovago) Hotel Booking Africa 7%

A rather spectacular resource for booking flights and getting good information about certain destination, would certainly make for an excellent site to refer to for travel tips. It’s much more than that, however, as it also offers plenty of other services, which is why is getting added to this list of nominations.
naija nomads 7%

Traveling is all about getting the right information and applying it to when you get to your destination and can give you all the information that you need. It’s an amazing resource with contents that are actually useful and won’t confuse readers. That’s why we’re nominating
The Social Prefect 5%

Chiamaka Obuekwe

A great place to look for inspiration when it comes to lifestyle and travel topics, would be a good resource for those who need a little nudge in the right direction. Without really being too preachy, the site offers the most engaging tips that can make life a little more interesting. That’s why is a nominee.
A Luxury Travel Blog 4%

Luxury can mean a lot of things, especially when talking about traveling, and can tell you all about that. Thanks to its amazing set of contents and tips for going around the world and visiting the most luxurious places, helps you to achieve something that is normally reserved only for the elite. That’s why is getting nominated.
Urban Travel Blog 3%

Purely about traveling, can show you where to go if you have specific goals in mind or if you just want to experience the world in one way or another. It’s got the most interesting factoids and the most engaging content about traveling that you can ask for. Little wonder that it’s on this nomination list then.
Enroute Nigeria 3%

If you are all about traveling, might be something you want to check out for its wonderful contents. The tips are always useful and the lists are always relevant, which makes them incredibly helpful as far as travel blogs go. This is what makes so worthy of getting nominated. 2%

More than a travel blog, is mostly a personal site that contains the author’s most sincere moments. When reading, it’s like peering into someone’s most treasured moments, moments that the author then decided to share. Nominating just makes a lot of sense.
Folarin Kolawole 2%

Folarin Kolawole

If you need great information about traveling, might just have what you need. It’s got some of the most comprehensive contents about traveling on the web, the articles and images are also incredibly interesting. For its great content, we’re nominating
five star travel 0%

Travel Technology Services

Traveling is best done with the right information and the right information is exactly what has to offer. It’s an excellent website that has nothing but helpful contents and an interesting approach at delivering details.


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