Who Are We

About Us - Couponcode.ng


Our website is CouponCode.ng, which is a domained that is under the ownership of REBEL Internet BV 58114785. Our company’s address is Geestersingel 48 1815 BB Alkmaar, Netherlands. We are a company that specializes in providing excellent discount and promo services to readers in Nigeria. Our goal is to help shoppers save money on the purchases that they make whenever they buy things online.


What Do We Offer

Deals are the lifeblood of any wise shopper and these are exactly what we have to offer anyone who comes out our site. We absolutely love to help visitors with their shopping needs by essentially giving them the deals and discounts that they need in order to save money whenever they shop online. This is especially important for those who might be thinking of buying in bulk.


Money-Saving Shopping Tips

When shopping online, saving money is one of the most important considerations that a lot of people have on their minds. This is why it’s important to provide useful contents with regards this particular topic and this is what we are here to offer. The number of websites that are available for shopping at reduced prices are considerable, as well. They include Jumia, Qservers, Travelstart, and so many others.


Choices For Days

It’s very important for shoppers to have plenty of choices on top of the deals that they can take advantage of. As such, we provide options that cover a wide range of categories of products and services. These include Electronics, Travel, Hotels, and Fashion.

What’s more, these options are also updated on a daily basis. We endeavor to make sure that visitors always get the newest offers on the market so that they can make the best decisions with regards to their shopping activities.


Vision and Mission

Our biggest goal is to provide visitors with the very best deals that can be available to them if they shop online. With there being so many promo codes, voucher deals, and discounts available, it can be difficult to tell which of them to use. Fortunately, we can help in providing the best and latest deals to help in this regards.

It is therefore our mission to give visitors the selection of deals that they are looking for so that they can come away from their various transactions satisfied with the savings that they made. We want every purchase to be as affordable and satisfying as they can possibly be.


The Experts

Azi Ojukwu

Anyone who is looking for an Affiliate Marketing Expert who can bring their Internet Marketing game to the next level can stop looking. Azi Ojukwu is a graduate with a degree in Software Development and she has become a professional in various aspects of the Internet Marketing industry.

Clients looking for a Certified Expert in Google Adwords can come to her to work out the methods in making the most of it. The same goes for Google Analytics and Social Media Marketing. She is available to hire as a Freelance agent to those who need her services.


Hassan Okereke

Engaging the services of Hassan Okereke for his specialty in Git, DNS, Whois protocol, and WordPress is something that many clients have come to be glad for due to the simple fact that he always delivers. Top quality results is what sustains his reputation in the highly competitive field of internet market and it shows when considering how many clients are clamoring to book him.

His background in computer engineering has given him the discipline and commitment to keep to a certain standard. That makes him an ideal provider of many services such as web design, programming, and online marketing.