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1. What is a coupon code or promo code?
2. How do I use a coupon code?
3. How come my code does not work?
4. How can you register a coupon code?
5. What if you have problems with your product purchased via


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Use Discount Code


What is a coupon code or promo code?

A coupon code/promo code is a code that was created and added by a web shop. When you use that code at that web shop, you get a discount on the total amount of your order. Sometimes the discount is expressed in a percentage and sometimes it is a fixed amount of nairas. There are also discount codes that make your order’s delivery free of charge.
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How do I use a discount code?
Have you found a discount code from a web shop?

  • Visit the web shop you want to use the discount code for via
  • Choose what you want to buy and place it in the ‘shopping basket’.
  • Have you decided what you are going to buy? Check payment
  • During the payment process, you will see a field in one of the steps with the name ‘discount code’, ‘special offer’, ‘coupon code’, ‘voucher code’, or another name for discounts.
  • Enter the discount code

Often the discount calculated instantly and you have to pay less for your order.
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How come my code does not work?

Sometimes we get e-mails from users with the question why a certain discount code does not work.

These are the most common problems:

  • The discount code is only valid for orders with a minimal order value (e.g. from ₦1000). If the value of the order is lower, you will not receive a discount.
  • The discount code is misspelled. Always check whether you have entered the code correctly.
  • The discount code is no longer valid. Many discount codes are only temporarily valid.

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How can you register a discount code?

It is simple to pair a discount, special offer or coupon code to your web shop. First, go to the page Add coupon.

Add a discount is done by:

  • fill in a descriptive title
  • Then adding a description
  • If a code is connected to your special offer or discount, fill it in in the “coupon” field.

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What if you have problems with your product purchased via is just a coupon code website. If you have problems with the product you bought, you can go to the customer service of the web shop you bought your product at.


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