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Tech and gadget blogs are excellent sources of information with regards to the electronic products that you can get on the market. You can visit them to learn about which smartphone is the best at the moment or what other products your favorite company has in store. This is why, just as with last year’s tech & gadget blogs award, we are repeating the event for 2018.

Bear in mind, these tech blogs can offer wildly varying topics for you to consume, all of which may have something to do with the tech industry in one way or another. After all, tech has pervaded pretty much every aspect of life and this means that you will need some help in navigating the subtleties and complexities that go with such a predicament. This is what these blogs are meant for.

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TectTrends Nigeria

TechTrends Nigeria

An excellent resource that delivers news and information about current events in the tech industry, is well worth a visit for those with a vested interest in knowing about such things. On the site, you’ll find incredibly useful contents of varying importance, including “UN Economic Commission for Africa to Drive African Continental Free Trade Area” and “Orange Digital Ventures invests in Africa’s Talking,A leading distributor of Mobile Communication and Payment APIs.” The contents might not all be for specific readers, but they are all useful in different ways. You just need to find the nugget of value in every article.
Founded by Nmachi Jidenma, is definitely one of those resources that you just can’t pass up if you are interested in learning as much as you can about the tech industry. Taking a look at contents like “Kenyan innovator, Morris Mbetsa is building a flying taxi” and “This non-invasive Malaria diagnosis kit was developed in Uganda” will immediately give you the impression that what this website has to offer makes it worth repeat visits. It also helps give some readers a sense of where technology might be going, which can be used for a variety of purposes. With the right insight into what the next hottest tech trend will be, there could be a lot of benefits to go along with it.


A tech news hub where lots of outside perspectives are shared with the readers, is almost a social website where the views of different content contributors are accessible to readers. The topics can vary wildly, as well but contents such as “Bitkoin Africa Has Secured An Undisclosed Amount Of Funding From Microtraction” and “Infinix Unveils “Beyond Intelligent” Smartphone Note 5 Powered by Android One” are definitely going to be of interested to a lot of people. There might be different reasons for wanting to stay updated on tech news, but people will inevitably have interests involving the benefits of new technology.


There are plenty of great contents to be found at, including “UNDP launches YAS!, a platform to help young entrepreneurs access opportunities & contribute to SDGs” and “Google to sign deals with Kenyan telcos to bring internet coverage through Project Loon.” All of which can be really useful to a lot of readers who might rely on such information to make important decisions. Whether you’re doing so as part of running a business or simply because you’re looking out for the next big thing in tech, this is a website that’s well worth the visit.

Naija Tech Guide

Established by Paschal Okafor in 2006, the website has been delivering excellent tech contents to readers for a long time. This has allowed it to offer some truly valuable contents such as “New Tecno Spark 2 vs Tecno Spark, Why Should I Upgrade,” “Kodi Vs Terrarium TV- Which To Pick & Which To Kick,” and “6 Simple Ways to Hide Your Activities Online.” If you are someone who is truly interested in tech news and who has a wide range of appetite for topic variety, you won’t want to miss out on this resource. It’s simply one of the more valuable websites out there.
Tech City
For anyone who is interested in getting the best news and most current information in the tech industry, provides some truly valuable details to readers. Visiting the website nets contents like “Apply for the Outlier Venture Lab Accelerator Program for Early-Stage Nigerian Startups” and even “Facebook shuts down Aquila Internet Drone project.” The usefulness of the information may vary from person to person, but the important point to remember is that it is still a great idea to take advantage of what this site has to offer.
Android Village

Android Village

Offering contents about the tech industry that include news, reviews, tutorials, and others, is an excellent resource for anyone interested in tech. There are contents such as “Top 20 Cheap Android Tablets for College Students” that can really help those who might need some special info to save money with. There are also contents such as “Twitter To Remove Media and Others from Counting in Character Limit” who might simply be interested in keeping up with tech developments.

Naija Specs

Reading contents like “Gearbest 3rd Year Anniversary – Cool Offers On For You Only” and “Tecno Camon CM (CMore) Specifications, Reviews & Price” can give you a great idea of what to expect from the site One of the most impressive aspects of this website has to do with its ability to provide concise details about the most important parts of any tech topic without losing the things that make them interesting. If you need reviews, for example, you’ll get the details that you are looking for.

OgbongeBlog is owned by Jide Ogunsanya and it’s an excellent resource for tech news. You definitely want to check it out for contents like “GTBank Dollar Card Expired? Renewal & Activation Explained!” and “Data Science Nigeria opens 1st Artificial Intelligence Hub in the University of Lagos” where the value of every article can be easily seen. If you’re a big fan of updated tech news, you don’t want to pass up on this site.


If tech news is what you are looking for, can give you all of the contents that you need. The site features updated coverage of the most exciting and current developments in the tech industry, including what gadgets are the best to get and what tech companies are up to. Contents like “Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Now Official – 6.9-inch Screen With 5500mAh Capacity Battery” and “Display screen of the next generation iPhone X version” are great examples of what this website can offer. If you are thinking of upgrading your smartphone or computer, stopping by this site is highly recommended.
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