Health & Fitness Blog Awards 2017

We have nominated a number of bloggers from Nigeria whom we think deserve to win for our Health & Fitness Blog Awards 2017. The bloggers have been chosen based on their knowledge and passion for writing, which they have shared with the rest of the world through their inspiring blog posts.

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When it comes to health topics, is definitely one of the authorities that you want to place your trust on. It’s an incredibly informative resource that provides you with lots of information to chew on. That’s why is definitely worthy of being added to the list of nominees.

A great website for women empowerment, is a definite joy to read for anyone who wants a great resource to help them feel strong and independent. What’s more, it’s also a great resource for fitness inspirations, which a lot of women need. That’s what makes worthy of nomination.

With health being such an important topic, it’s really no wonder that would be such a good website to get good and reliable information. You can always make use of the content and there’s nothing too complicated about the coverage either. For such simplicity, deserves to be nominated.

Working out can be an overwhelming concept, especially for those who have never or have only rarely ever done it. That’s why resources like are so important, because they provide useful information that can easily be applied to everyday life. For helping people become and stay fit, we’re nominating

For a lot of people, fitness can almost seem like this unattainable goal that only the chosen few can achieve. As will prove, however, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, by following the contents at, becoming fit could not be easier. Hence, why is being nominated.

A rather varied blog, is one of those resources that can really make a lot of difference in your life. It talks about science, business, technology, and sports. For fitness enthusiasts, there are plenty of details about how best to achieve health goals, which makes more than worthy of nomination.

A great website for beauty and health topics, is quite the delight to read up on such topics. You get concise information that won’t be too much trouble to understand and comes with plenty of additional details. That’s what makes such a worthy nominee.

If you’re interested in health, fitness, and just overall wellness, is one of the better resources on the web. It’s always got these interesting tidbits that most other blogs don’t cover, which makes it unique in that regard. What’s more, never gets boring, which is a problem in too many other websites.

If natural remedies and keeping up your health in the organic manner is what you are after, you’ll find what you need at The blog contains some truly spectacular tips and advice that can help ensure your body and mind are as sound as possible using natural means. That’s why we’re nominating

Health can be a complicated and varied topic, which is why it needs to be address carefully, and that’s what can help with. The site contains some truly helpful and insightful topics that are sure to bring a more balanced approach in how you deal with health. That’s why is getting nominated.

More than your physical health, you also need to make sake sure that you take care of your emotional and psychological welfare in order to make sure that you are healthy overall. That is what is all about since it talks about topics that pertain to better mental and psychological wellness.
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