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Food Blogs Award 2019 | My Diaspora Kitchen 61%

Chichi Uguru

The great thing about a visit to is that it can yield some truly excellent discussions about a variety of topics that have to do with food and delicious pastries. You’ll definitely want to take a look at what this site is about if you are thinking of upgrading your selection of excellent dishes. The items you can cook here are just so tasty, with examples that include “Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies,” “Suya meatballs with Hatfield Ground Sausage,” “Homemade Suya Spice | Yaji Spice two ways,” and “Grilled Beef for Nigerian Soups and Stews.” Visit the site to learn more.
Food Blogs Award 2019 | mzansistylecuisine 15%


An excellent website with plenty of awesome food contents, is one resource that really brings the value of credible information to the fore. Simply put, if you are aiming to get reliable, useful contents that you can apply to your own food and culinary efforts, this is the site that you are going to want to visit. It’s got such gems as “SAB Invests R438 Million New Production Line At Port Elizabeth Brewery,” “New Product Alert: Love Beets. No Mess, No Fuss – Just Delicious Beets!,” and “RECIPE: A Simple Chicken Hearts And Vegetable Pie That Won’t Break Your Bank.”
Food Blogs Award 2019 | Kitchen Butterfly 9%


Visit for some of the most epic contents about food you can ask for. There is just so much for you to enjoy and learn about from this site that you simply can’t afford to pass up on the chance to see what it has to offer. Among the contents that are worth reading most are “Guest Post – Plantains Simply Can’t Go Extinct,” “How to Eat-Drink an Orange,” and “Guest Post – Dodo, Far From Home.” Be sure to visit and get more out of the experience than you might have ever expected from such a resource.
Food Blogs Award 2019 | Drizzle and Dip 3%


Take a look at what is all about and enjoy some amazing discussions about the most fascinating takes on what food is and what it can be. You are going to want to take a look at some of the best recipes that are available on this website so that you can replicate them if you are in need to whip something up. Be sure to take a look at examples that include “Jamie Oliver’s grilled apricot salad with mozzarella, pink peppercorns & prosciutto,” “Brown butter dutch baby pancake with blueberries & lemon,” and “Coffee loaf cake with a crunchy cappuccino romany creams streusel.”
Food Blogs Award 2019 | 9jafoodie 2%

Ronke Edoho

If you are in need of amazing details about food, a visit to would be highly recommended. This site has some truly fascinating contents about various interesting dishes and the discussions surrounding them. You definitely do not want to miss out on the recipes that this site has to share with you, as well. You can go ahead and start reading “Quick Oven Baked Peppered Turkey,” “Perfectly Smokey Nigerian Party Jollof Rice,” and “Nigerian Rice Video Recipe Collection.” Suffice it to say, there is more to be found on this site that you can enjoy to your heart’s content.
Food Blogs Award 2019 | Aftrad Village Kitchen 2%

Aftrad Village Kitchen

If you are looking for a new adventure when it comes to food and what it has to offer, is a website that is absolutely worth visiting. At this site, you will find not only a ton of amazing dishes that are featured quite prominently, you can also find context with regards to those dishes. You definitely want to start reading the contents available here such as “Mildly Spicy & Sweet Coated Peanuts,” “5 EASY STEPS TO COOK JOLLOF LIKE A PRO,” and “Toolu Beef Angwa Mu (Salted Cured Beef Oil Rice).” Go ahead and get your fill.
Food Blogs Award 2019 | Connect Nigeria 2%

Connect Nigeria

Visit right now and you’ll find some truly fascinating contents about food that you can just spend hours marveling at. You’ll never want to take these contents for granted, that’s for sure, so be sure to take a look at the discussions on some truly fascinating dishes that can be found on this site. You’ll absolutely love examples that include various recipes, trends that are popular in the country, and even the various restaurants that you can find when you come for a visit. So go ahead and see what this resource has to offer.
Food Blogs Award 2019 | Dooney's Kitchen 2%

Dunni Obata

For some fascinating discussions about food and the various topics that are involved in the matter, be sure to take a look at There is just so much that you can learn when you visit this website and they are all interesting in their own ways. Examples of this include “The Battle of the Saucepans Begins on Knorr Taste Quest 4,” “Schwartz Uk Ebook – Jollof rice and Chicken Ayilata made the cut,” and “Yajichurri Meatballs Sauce and Linguine.”
Food Blogs Award 2019 | Immaculate Bites 1%


For some of the most amazing examples of African dishes, visit and simply be floored with amazement and what you are going to find. This resource does such a good job of providing you with context in terms of what makes food African and how you can enjoy it best. If you are the type of person who likes to experience the world through food, you’ll want to visit this site. You’ll find such contents as “Hurricane Drink Recipe,” “Baked Cod Recipe,” and “Chicken Lettuce Wraps.” There are a ton more such recipes to be found on the site, as well, so be sure to visit often.
Food Blogs Award 2019 | kadiAfricanRecipes 1%

Oumou Bah

Visit right now and be treated to a whole host of amazing food recipes that you can just go ahead and cook yourself. You will definitely not want to miss out on some of the most fascinating dishes that are featured on this website and that you can actually make yourself. If you are the kind of foodie who likes a challenge in what you can cook, take a look at examples like “Nigerian Scotch Egg Recipe,” “South African Koeksisters Recipe,” and “Homemade Mango Jam Recipe.” There are a lot more available on the site, as well.
Food Blogs Award 2019 | My African Food Map 1%

My African Food Map

If you want a comprehensive guide on the kinds of food that you can find in Africa and where you can find them, is the website that you will want to visit most. This is a site that does an amazing job showcasing the various dishes that are available in each nation and you’ll want to take up the challenge of getting to know each and every single one of them. Just as examples, you can take a look at “Quant’a Firfir,” “Caldou Poisson au Bissap,” and many others that you are sure to enjoy.
Food Blogs Award 2019 | Living it Up 1%


There are actually a ton of great contents about a lot of topics available at, which actually include plenty of food discussions. If there is anything you might want to know about how you can best make the most of your time to travel and enjoy the feasts that await you, this is the resource that you can check out. Be sure to start with contents that include “Magical Moments And Memories At DE HOOP NATURE RESERVE,” “The SA Cheese Festival Turns 18 + A Giveaway!,” “Discover Amazing Aurora Views In Gordon’s Bay,” and “Fancourt’s The Manor House joins the Leading Hotels of the World.”


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