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Growing Business Foundation 51%

An amazing website for helping people stand on their own feet by growing their own businesses and livelihoods, is one resource that deserve as much attention as possible. Not only does it help improve lives, it also goes a long way towards making sure that readers understand what it is all about.
Mydreamconnect 42%


If you are talking about the future of children, dreams and aspiration play a huge part in actually putting them in the right direction. This is what is trying to nurture, but giving kids the opportunity to become something more than they are now. That’s why it’s getting nominated.
child Life-line 2%

child Life-line

Right now, there are children who are suffering from hunger, neglect, malnutrition, and so many other conditions. One of the organizations trying to help and thanks to the work of the group, many youths have already received assistance. For its unflinching dedication to children, is getting nominated.
aid for africa 1%


Even now, there are still a lot of people who are suffering in Africa and is doing everything that it can to help. By spreading awareness of the plea of the people in need, the group enables others to pitch in and do what they can. That’s why is getting nominated.
SFH 1%

Society for Family Health

There are plenty of things that are going wrong in Africa, but with the help of, at least the most basic unit of society in families can become a little safer. By making sure that families are equipped with the right information and tools to thrive, has more than earned its nomination.
project alert 1%

Project Alert

Providing women with hope against a world full of violence, is an initiative that is meant to stop the abuse that wives, daughters, and mothers experience on a daily basis. By involving everyone concerned, is able to address the issue head on.
Human Rights Law 0%

Human Rights Law

Human rights is something that is getting trampled on practically on a daily basis, but thanks to the efforts of, the transgressions are reduced considerably. Now, people have an organizations that they can turn to if they feel like their lives and rights are being abused by someone or a group of people who are too powerful.
devnetnigeria 0%


There is a lot of power that can be gained through information and is dedicated to sharing information about developments occurring all over Nigeria. This helps in making the citizens more aware, which is why is getting nominated.
abantunig 0%


A group that is meant to address gender inequality in Africa, does a great job in improving the lives of so many women in the country. Its programs have also helped girls become more educated and to have a different perspective when it comes to the kinds of roles and functions they can have in life.
Human Development Initiatives 0%

Human Development Initiatives

Helping the people in Nigeria develop their lives, skills, and lands in order to achieve more for themselves, is a great organization. There are plenty of initiatives that the group has pushed that benefited the people of Nigeria. That’s why is on this list.


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