Bimonthly Charity Contest 2017 is setting up a new charity project with the intention of helping multiple charities. As a Nigerian website we have decided to include only charities that base all or some of their efforts in Nigeria.

Each 2 months we will select a group of charities that users can vote for below. The collected prize pool of ₦ 180000 will be divided between the three charities with the most votes in the following way:  The charity with the most votes will win  ₦ 110000. Second and third places will win ₦35000 each. (if two or more charities have the same percentages the price will be divided between them).  Now, it is you who will determine the institution that truly shows inspiring humanitarian work.

You decide which Charity deserves to win the biggest prize.

Vote below – it is quick and easy!

Voting ends at 12:00 PM on July 28, 2017
₦ 180000 is divided between the Charities
You decide who wins. Vote below!
Action Against Hunger

One of the most challenging problems that the world is facing would have to be hunger, which is exactly what is trying to tackle. With a huge effort to combat starvation in many poor communities, is faced with the difficult task of bring attention to this crisis. We’re nominating because of how much they care.
Nigerian Conservation Foundation

Nature is one of the most important aspects to human survival and yet it is getting damaged by human existence every single day. tries to preserve ecosystems and environments that would be destroyed, otherwise. For its effort, is a worthy group to nominate.

One of the most popular sports in the world is football and is trying to capitalize on that popularity in order to keep children out of harm’s way. By trying to change the world one game at a time, is bringing about a better future. That’s why it’s easy to nominate.

Famine causes untold damage in populations all over the world and is one of the many charity groups that are trying its hardest in trying to combat it. By doing so, brings hope and relief to those who need it most. This is what makes a worthy nominee.
Down Syndrome Nigeria

Down syndrome is a serious issue that afflicts thousands of people, many of whom are children. tries to make sure that those who suffer from the condition are protected and can live as normal a life as possible. We’re nominating for that.

Reproductive health and family planning are two of the most important aspects to making society function properly as it reduces the risk of disease and overpopulation. tries to spread the word through education, which is always a challenge. For its efforts, we’re nominating


Conflict has become a part of life in some parts of Africa, even in Nigeria. Thanks to the efforts of, many conflicts and incidents can be avoided, which makes it an incredibly important organization. Due to the lives saved, is a nominee that we can all agree on.

The Niger Delta can be a difficult place to live in thanks to the constants conflicts arising in the region. One of the goals of is to preserve peace in order for the region to thrive. With so many lives at stake, it’s not difficult to nominate

Education is one of the most important treasures that a person can have is what is trying to share with everyone. Because of its efforts to share the value of knowledge and the need to have education, is an organization that we are only too happy to nominate.

CCD Nigeria

Catering to patients with disabilities that require assistance so that they may live a life with dignity, certainly offers perspective that needs to be supported and should be applauded. That’s the biggest reason for its addition on the list of nominees and has our full support in its endeavor.
Byinks Foundation

One of the biggest reasons for poverty in any nation is the lack of education for its populace, which is exactly what is trying to fix. Not only is the organization trying to help alleviate the situations of impoverished communities, it also wants to empower the less fortune. That’s what makes worth nominating.
Lagos Food

Food is an incredibly scarce resource in a lot of places of the world and is trying to make sure that it can at least help reduce the suffering of those going through starvation. Helping communities become more nourished and elevated from misery, there’s no reason not to nominate

When it comes to helping poor populations cope with starvation, is one of the leading organizations that truly strive to make a difference. The charity group does what few others do and that’s reaching the poorest communities and trying to give them hope. For its generosity, deserves nomination.

Most of the time, charity organizations focus on only one aspect in helping people, but chooses to looking at the whole person and addresses the underlying problems that they face. This helps make them into sustainable individuals, thus ensuring their prosperity. For such a revolutionary concept, is getting nominated.

CP Center

Cerebral Palsy is a complex lifelong disability. It is a name for group of disorders affecting either or both of, the cognitive and motor functions of a child. Statistically, it is said to affect 10 out of 1,000 (that's 1 out of 100) live births annually in Lagos. Groups like do their best to help by not only putting focus on developing effective management structure of the condition but to also make the lives of the children as normal as possible.
CpCenter offers free therapies, boarding and respite care to children with CP. That makes worthy of nomination.
Danjuma Eye Foundation


Vision and eyesight are incredibly important in people’s lives, which is exactly what is trying to preserve. By helping patients who are suffering from cataracts to have them removed, ensures that the beneficiaries can keep their vision for longer. That’s why is being placed on this list of nominees.
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