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Age Network 58%

Age Network

African Girls Empowerment Network is a non-profit organization that advances gender equality in girls education. We are working to end gender-based violence in all its form; rape, domestic violence, child marriage, promote justice, good health and well-being of underserved women and girls and also provide support to empower rape survivors, teenage mothers, victims of domestic violence, Female Genital Mutilation and other economically disadvantaged and vulnerable women and girls in Nigeria to resuscitate them
britain-nigeria 14%


An organization about providing the unfortunate population with the option of getting decent education, is all about opening doors to people. With good education comes the ability to alter one’s fate and the charity group attempts to provide this free of charge and in the most streamlined way possible.
childlifeline 14%

child life line

Children are the most important and yet the most vulnerable elements of society, and attempts to bring children everywhere the chance to become something more than they are. A better life, full of new possibilities is what the group is offering, which is something that the children they are servicing desperately need.
caritasnigeria 14%

Caritas Nigeria

Helping community by basically transforming their surroundings from the harmful, germ-riddle environments that they are into thriving regions, has already helped a lot of people. The group taps into the good nature of charitable people and distribute this to those in need of help.
crs 0%

Catholic Relief Services

Providing relief to the many starving and suffering people in Nigeria, is on this list for its wonderful charitable contributions. It’s a great organization that has much to show in terms of how much it has helped the poor and downtrodden in many areas of Africa and all over the world.
africaninnovation 0%

african innovation Foundation

Innovation is the fuel of civilizations, as they say, and is trying to nurture this aspect in Africa. It’s particularly important to bring the concept of innovation to the general public since it counters the spread of stagnation, which will ultimately doom the people suffering from it.
anecca 0%


AIDS is still a huge problem in Africa and it is especially problematic when it affects children. The charity organization is working hard to make sure that the young ones are not only protected but are also given due attention when they afflicted with this illness. They don’t have to suffer as much.
anppcan 0%


One of the biggest atrocities that anyone can commit is to trample on the rights of children to simply be children, and is fighting to preserve these rights. It’s an amazing group that offers the most comprehensive programs for protecting children’s rights in any aspect of their lives.
difaw 0%


A wonderful non-profit organization that especially caters to women who are having trouble coping with the burdens of motherhood or are suffering from abuse, is certainly one group to heap praises on. The work of its members has already made a huge difference in the lives of so many women.
newerasupportfoundation 0%

Need CSI

A charity organization that touches many of the crucial elements in African society that will help them develop, is worthy of following indeed. It has many accomplishments and the intentions of its members make it one group that deserves all of the accolades it gets.


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