Best Nigerian Online Magazine 2017

We have nominated a number of bloggers from Nigeria whom we think deserve to win for our Best Nigerian Online Magazine 2017. The bloggers have been chosen based on their knowledge and passion, which they have shared with the rest of the world through their inspiring blog posts.

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Bella Naija

Bella Naija started off as a regular fashion blog back in 2006 and has since become a popular destination for getting information about the world’s fashion scene. With great guides on fashion events and fashion in general, Bella Naija has easily earned our nomination.

Jidé Taiwo

Jidé Taiwo is the executive editor at The Net, which is one of the most popular online entertainment news sources in Nigeria. With content that is always relevant and engaging, it’s hard to justify not nominating Jidé Taiwo and his team. They’re just that good.


With its hot entertainment content covering some of the biggest stars and events in Nigeria, OloriSupergal has a lot to offer anyone who is interested in following local and international celebrities. With its great coverage, nominating OloriSupergal is only natural.

Information Nigeria

Covering everything from politics, to entertainment, to employment, Information Nigeria has a substantial repertoire that makes it worth our nomination and more. Providing readers with clear details and helpful information, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Nigerian Eye

With constant coverage on all political, entertainment, sports news happening in Nigeria and around the world, Nigerian Eye provides consistent content that readers can always rely on. This and more makes Nigerian Eye worth nominating.


Aside from delivering news and current events to readers, Ynaija also offers other content through their blog service. These blogs vary in terms of topic, covering film, church and even sexuality. The sheer enthusiasm in variety makes Ynaija worth nominating.

Style Pantry

With a regular coverage on beauty, lifestyle and fashion topics, Style Pantry provides its readers with plenty of content to munch on for all of their fashion needs. The details are always juicy and concise as well, which is why we are nominating Style Pantry.

Eyitemi Popo

Eyitemi Popo is the editor-in-chief at Ayiba Magazine and it covers some rather splendid developments in the fashion, political and entertainment world. The unique take and content makes Ms Popo’s site worth nominating and more.
7% claims to be the #1 entertainment online magazine in Nigeria. Their resources are endless making their blog always updated and very informative. Aside from being an online magazine, they also offer their service for developing e-business that require business and technical expertise.

Apata Bayode

This blog’s aim is to promote the beauty of Nigeria and its people. It features Nigeria’s tourist spots, its history, culture, and the arts. It also talks about the biography of Nigeria’s famous individuals. People visiting the site will find the blog very interesting and informative.


Anyone who needs to be up to date on all things political, entertainment, and sports in Nigeria can turn to for all the information they need. Full of interesting and educational content, you can’t really go wrong with and that’s why we are nominating the site.
13% is a blog that helps would-be webmasters solve certain technology related problems. The author offers tutorials about blogging and website management to the inexperienced. Mathias Amodu’s blog is very informative especially to those who are planning to make money using the internet.

Reporting on world news, current events, music and the entertainment industry, is one most reliable sources of up to date information on Nigerian cyber space. By offering visitors with comprehensive coverage and accurate details on everyday developments, it’s no wonder why we think that is worthy of being nominated.

Anyone in Nigeria who wants to be up to date on the current events in science, world news, economics and more can visit and get the information that they need. With clear explanations and direct delivery of details, it’s easy enough to give our nomination.
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