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Chick about town 49%


At, the author Biche is quite fond of sharing of quite useful contents that readers might find valuable in one way or another. For those who might be fond of traveling, the site also has some good tips to share about those, which include fairly interesting points that travelers might not have taken into consideration. For example, maintaining good skincare while traveling can be a bit difficult, but there are ways around these challenges. You can check out “5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Glowing While Traveling” to learn more about such things, so be sure to do that.
A Travel Junkie 23%

Chris Corbet

As the name of the site implies, is all about the author being a travel junkie, which readers will likely enjoy if they also suffer from wanderlust. At this resource, you will find some incredible contents that will undoubtedly prove useful once you are out in the wilds, or urban areas, depending on where you wanted to go. Contents like “12 Essential Apps For Travellers” and “Airbnb: Home Away From Home” are particularly advisable to check out. You’ll want to keep coming back to this site on a regular basis to see what new things Chris has to share.
Blondie in Morocco 7%


Visit for some awesome contents about traveling, not just in Africa, but also in many other places. On this site, you’ll find such contents as “How Blondie made her way to the Sahara desert! (With shared group tour)” to help give you some ideas on what you can expect when you travel.
Taiwo 5%


A website owned and operated by the adventurous Taiwo, you’ll want to stop by to see what wonderful places and features this region can offer you. You’ll especially want to pay attention to contents like “Review | Kruger National Park, South Africa” and “FlashbackTo…| Johannesburg, South Africa” to get the right perspective on these destinat
Travelstart Nigeria 3%

Travelstart Nigeria

Full of the most useful contents on traveling around such as ones that talk about what you should do if you miss a flight or tips on how to get the best discounts on traveling, is a resource that you’ll definitely want to check out. There are so many great contents on the site that you’ll just find super helpful.
Jumia Travel 2%

Jumia Travel

Check out for some of the most relevant travel topics when going to Africa that you can ask for. With plenty of the right tips to share, you’ll be getting the best experience when you go to the famed continent after reading what this resource has to share, for sure.
Unravelling nigeria 2%

Unravelling Nigeria

With plenty of great tips and contents such as “What To Do In Kwara State | Tips & Suggestions,” “Arise TV | Talking Tourism in Nigeria,” and “10 Instagrammable Places In Nigeria | Do It For The Gram” to name just a few, is definitely a traveler’s valuable resource. If you’re planning on visiting Africa, you’ll want to stop by this site for sure.

Sage Travels 2%

Sage Travels

A travel guide that is intended to promote cultural enrichment and interest with regards to Nigeria for travelers all over the world, is one resource that has the essential areas of the trade covered. You’re definitely going to want to pay attention to this website, especially if you like getting contents like “Reasons Why You Should Travel By Train In Nigeria” and more.
Jozilicious 2%


This website is a resource the chronicles the travels of the owner Hasmita, where she goes all over the world to experience what other countries have to offer. Naturally, this includes travels to Africa, spending quite a lot of time in South Africa. With contents like “Eating Cape Town: Brunch at Hemelhuijs” and “South Africa to London –> how it’s done!” there is definitely plenty to be gained from visiting this site.
Afritraveller 2%


Offering excellent contents that cover the matter of traveling all over Africa and even to other countries by air, certainly provides plenty of reason for checking it out. Among these reasons are contents like “How to Select Your Seats with Avios on British Airways Flights” and “FLIGHT REVIEW: Kenya Airways: J'burg to MBA via NBO”.
jenman african safaris 2%

Jenman African Safaris

With its many helpful contents about traveling to Africa such as “Jenman Select & The Rise of Zimbabwe – Answering to and creating safari trends” and “5 Things You can Learn From The Lion King Before You Go on Safari in Tanzania” is definitely a website that you don’t want to pass up checking out. There’s plenty you can learn about Africa before you even set foot in it by doing so.
Phillips 1%


A blog by Phillips Tunde, this resource talks about traveling all over Africa and the many delights that such an experience can offer. Those who would like to see what the destination can offer may want to check out contents like “A Trip With My Girlfriend To Obudu Cattle Ranch” and “7 Things I learned Traveling Round South-West Nigeria” to name just two.

Alajode 0%


At, Jodie can give you some great information about traveling to many places all over the world. Not only will you find useful contents about the destinations that you can visit, you’ll also get great information regarding tips that you can apply when traveling.


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