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Best African Female Bloggers 2019 67%


Check out right now and allow the site’s owner, Stella to provide you with excellent contents to help make your day. On this site are incredible items that deal with a variety of issues and are engaging, to boot. You will definitely want to take a look at what this resource has to say about the subjects that you care about most. Take a look at such examples as “Singer Runtown's Manager Says He Wasn't Barred From Entering America And Has A US Tour Soon” for a better understanding of what this site is about.
Best African Female Bloggers 2019 28%

Take a look at right now and see what this wonderful website has to offer to readers everywhere about being a woman, a mother, and a person who helps others. It’s an incredible website that goes a long way towards showing how you can be someone who will make a difference in the lives of others. You can do so by reading such contents as “Respectful Bereavement Care after child loss: A huge gap in Kenyan Hospitals,” “NHIF SPONSORS STILL A MUM 2018 PREGNANCY AND INFANT HEALTH CONFERENCE,” and “How child loss affects your marriage and what to do.”
Best African Female Bloggers 2019 2%


Welcome to where the owner of the website, Linda provides readers with contents that they can chew on for days on end. On this site are posts that will keep you engaged for a very long time and will keep you coming back to see what else is worth talking about. Take a look at interesting examples like “Twitter Stories: 'I was a millionaire before the age of 25, but at 27 I was a homeless and wretched ‘deportee’ with suicidal thoughts'” and “‘Only Nigerians beg online and might start to infect other Neighboring countries in africa with this deadly virus’ singer Morachi says.”
Best African Female Bloggers 2019 1%

Laila Ljeom

At, you will find that the site’s owner Laila is really great at sharing information that would be of great use to people everywhere. Not only are they engaging in the details that are shared, but they are also excellent in how they are presented. Readers don’t have to try so hard to understand what is being discussed. Just take a look at such examples as “I beat cancer on the same day my mum died from it – Survivor,” “I have power to restore virginity – African native doctor,” and “Nigerian doctor set to marry elder sister of his ex-girlfriend.”

Best African Female Bloggers 2019 1%

Bella Naija

The site will help provide you with perspective regarding specific issues that you might have been curious about courtesy of Bella. You will definitely want to take a look at what this resource has to say about a wide variety of topics that range from entertainment to beauty. Just take a gander at interesting contents that include “Richmond Gate Estate Lekki: Where Your Neighbour is likely a Celebrity!,” “Lil’ Bella says: You’re stronger than you think,” and “Step into a New Season at The Ecclesia Hills Church X People Of Influence Crossover Service | December 31st.” Go ahead and enjoy. 1%

Stephanie Marthinus

If you are interested in reading about a whole range of fascinating topics based on a female’s point of view, you’ll absolutely love what has to offer. This is a site that does an amazing job of providing you with plenty of enticing tidbits to sink your teeth into so that you can be occupied for a long time. Be sure to take a look at such examples “5 Reasons to visit the riverside town of Stanford,” “333 Years of Wine History: The Constantia Wine Route,” and “How I Packed for the long Road Trip.” There’s more to read.
Best African Female Bloggers 2019 0%

Kemi Filani

The site covers a wide range of topics that happen to include sports, entertainment, and politics, so if you would like to get some perspective on those things, be sure to visit this resource. On this site are great examples of informative posts that you can just browse through for hours and be satisfied with what you have learned. You can start with “Many Boko Haram terrorists killed by soldiers in Goniri, Yobe,” “Women with spiritual powers almost ruined my performance – Jaywon,” and “Ambode appoints Hakeem Muri-Okunola as Lagos State Head of Service.”
4Best African Female Bloggers 2019 0%


At, you will find that the site’s owner Amiyrah is really good at providing you with information that may be pertinent in your own life. There are so many entertaining and engaging topics to be found on this site where the presentation makes it easy for the readers to appreciate the value of what is being discussed. You only really need to take a look at good examples that include “Talking All Things Music With Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman #MaryPoppinsReturns” and “How To Prep For Sickness During The Holidays” to get an idea of what this site is about.
Best African Female Bloggers 2019 0%


Visiting is highly recommended since it is where the site’s owner, Brandi can provide readers with a ton of great information on important topics that don’t get enough coverage. The details presented are also easy to comprehend so you don’t need to work too hard to unravel their meaning and benefit from them. You really only need to take a look at examples like “This list of 18 easy tasks will make sure you’re ready for the new year” to get a good idea of what you can expect from this website. You’ll want to visit it often.

Best African Female Bloggers 2019 0%

Ono Bello

The website has some truly inspired contents on offer that can help you be more informed and at the same time, entertained. It does so through such posts as “2019: Presidency Makes U-Turn, Says Dangote Not Part Of APC Campaign Council,” “People Wanted To See David Fail – Davido Speaks On Concert,” and “Senator Adeleke’s Daughter Folasade Is Pregnant, Flaunts Baby Bump (Photo).” There is a lot more where that came from, as well, so go ahead and take a look at what more this site can offer.

Best African Female Bloggers 2019 0%


At, you’ll find that the topics covered are relevant, essential, and quite easily some of the most noteworthy that you are going to come across on the web. A lot of this is thanks to the dedication of the site’s owner Michelle in delivering information in a way that is easy to digest and for readers to apply the details to their own lives. Examples like “6 Tips for Staying Motivated and Productive in Your Business” really helps in putting things in perspective so that you can achieve your goals.
Best African Female Bloggers 2019 0%

Gareth Crew

At, you’ll find some truly entertaining and informative contents that would be perfect for women everywhere to read through. They offer useful details that are relevant to not only moms but the female readers, in general, so go ahead and take a look if you are interested in such things. You can start with really good examples that include “Places we love in Pretoria,” “Make a difference with MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet,” and “Things I Love About My 14 Year Old Daughter.” You’ll be sure to find plenty of contents at this site that you’ll read for hours on end.
Best African Female Bloggers 2019 0%

Coco Bassey

Visit for some of the most high quality female oriented contents that you could ask for. This is a site that goes deep into the issues that women contend with on a regular basis, so you can count on it to be as objectively excellent as you could ask for. You can see this for yourself when you start reading such contents as “4 Fashion Trends to Try This Spring,” “TOMMYxZENDAYA: The PFW Collection Everybody's Wearing,” and “4 Rose Scented Beauty Products You'll Need This Spring.” Don’t forget that you’ll find a lot more than that at the site.
Best African Female Bloggers 2019 0%

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

Visit right now for some excellent contents produced for the female perspective that will provide you with plenty of insights into fascinating details. You’ll definitely want to give this website the attention that it is due, so go ahead and take a look at the contents that are available here now. Among those that you’ll want to check out most are “Putting Some Things Back Together”, “What Will I Be When I Grow Up?,” and “Looking To The New.” There are plenty of other contents that you can find on the site, as well, so go ahead and check those out.
Best African Female Bloggers 2019 @spicedbeauty 0%


When it comes to contents that would be of most concern to women, is a website that is really good at providing exactly what you are looking for. This is a website that will be of huge use to you if you are thinking of looking for new tips about beauty, skin care, motherhood, and so much more. You can easily see this for yourself when you check out such sites as Three beauty products that you need this Spring- Matte Lips- Highlighters-Skin Care,” “First Time Mom Must Haves- Four to Six Months,” and “New Mom Essentials: Up to 6 months! Was it worth it?”


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