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When it comes to being a mother, there are a lot of important considerations that often go unnoticed and underappreciated. This is why it is so essential for resources that provide good, reliable, and useful information to be available, just as shops like Jumia, Ejazah, AliExpress, Jumia Egypt need to be available. They can fill in the gaps that might be in the current system of parenting that a lot of moms have. Just take a look at these Africa Mummy Blogs to get a better understanding of this fact.

Among the best things that you can get out of these blogs is the matter of perspective regarding issues that you might be grappling with. It is certainly never easy to have to take a look at what you might be missing in your own approach to raising your child or dealing with your role as a mom. However, the right point of view can make doing so less difficult.

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Africa Mummy Blogs Award 2019 13%

My Brown Baby

Take a look at what is all about if you are thinking of finding some great mommy contents. Take for example “How to Talk to Black Women About Sex, Plus: Why You Should Take PrEP,” “Boss Things: #TalkEarly About How to Be a Leader,” “The MyBrownBaby Parenting Playlist: This is How I Neo-Soul Parent My Teens,” and “Not One Type: Here’s How To Get Real—and Smart—About Breast Cancer Diagnoses.”
Africa Mummy Blogs Award 2019 9%

Mattie James

Be sure to check out for some great family contents along with quite a few others that will make your day. Among the most valuable are “How To Make Running Errands Everyday Adventures,” “Is The SNOO Bassinet Actually Worth It?,” “My 23andMe Experience With My Dad,” and “How To Get Your Baby To Sleep During Daylight Savings.”
Africa Mummy Blogs Award 2019 9%

Baby Yum Yum

When you have, you can really take your parenting knowledge to the next level. You can definitely find that the contents are worth looking at. These include “Having the ‘divorce talk’ with your children,” “Dispelling some of the myths about fatherhood,” “Putting the Fitbit Ace through its paces,” and “12 superb at-home holiday activities (especially if you’re not a crafty mom).”
Africa Mummy Blogs Award 2019 13%

Romance Meets Life

While does come with a lot of other topics, its family and parenting contents are also superb. Just take for example “How to Pack Stylish Yet Light on Your Next Family Holiday,” “5 Tips to Helping your Child Study at Home,” “Laser Tag: A Game of Bonding With Your Kids,” and “Online Educational Activities for Kids Stuck in the House.”
Africa Mummy Blogs Award 2019 13%

Becoming You

When you visit, you gain access to some fairly spectacular contents about parenting that you will love. Among them are “WIN: An incredible Mother’s Day hamper from our favourite mom-owned brands!,” “Ideas for things to do at home during the holidays for Teens & Pre-Teens (that are not screens!),” and “Quality, safe screen time for kids PLUS the best kids shows from Showmax & a chance to WIN.”
Africa Mummy Blogs Award 2019 8%

Everyday Eyecandy

Motherhood contents can be found at and they are great. You can see this for yourself via such examples as “25 MORE Black Moms on Instagram to Follow TODAY,” “Letters to My Son: You Gave Yourself the EpiPen,” “Letters To My Son: We’ve Had a Great Summer,” and “25 Amazing Ideas for Our Family Travel Bucket List.”
Africa Mummy Blogs Award 2019 13%

Divas With A Purpose

At, moms get some truly spectacular contents that are well worth pursuing. These include “Why Adopt A Simpler Lifestyle?,” “8 Simple Living Practices You Can Start Now,” “How to Relieve Stress in 20 Minutes,” and “Learn how to multiply your profits with strategic action steps.”
Africa Mummy Blogs Award 2019 8%

Cherish 365

When you check out, you’ll get a resource that has a ton of awesome mommy contents. You’ll definitely want to take a look at examples like “This Statistic Made Me Fear for My Life During Childbirth,” “Easy Baby Food: This is How I’m Doing Things My 3rd Time Around,” and “A Favorite Throwback is Making a Comeback and My Kids Love it Too.”
Africa Mummy Blogs Award 2019 14%

Harassed Mom

You will absolutely love what has to offer on the matter of contents for moms. It’s got a great selection of articles, including “6 Lessons in Marriage,” “We are nuts about almond nut butter,” “What our homeschool day looks like,” and “Why you need to teach your children how to be online.”

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